February 28, 2009

Twenty Five Random Things About Me

This is from Face Book sorry...Sharing anyway.

As I have crowned myself the Unofficial Queen of Random, this should be easy enough...Although, I don't think you all care to know THIS much about me.

1. I have an unGodly amount of lipgloss. Embarrassed really to even ATTEMPT to tell you how many. Suffice to say that I could apply lipgloss one hundred times a day to myself and a few friends (odd visual, but whatever) every day for the rest of my life and still have enough left over to shine the lips of a professional cheer squad or the Pussy Dolls,a bevy of exotic dancers or a team of Drag Queens (all eerily related somehow) for the rest of theirs...

2. I am not sure if it is the retired cheerleader in me still needing to take the stage every now and then, or what...but I adore "singing" karaoke-loudly and badly. Some of my favorite songs to lovingly butcher with my tone deaf renderings are ...These Boot Are Made For Walkin', One Way or Another, Hit Me With Your Best Shot and anything by Brittany Spears...because REALLY hard to do any damage to "I'm a Slave For You" ...

3. On the same note as number two (teehee number two) I can dance a mean bar or table if the moon is right and I haven't been out in many months...it works in my favor if I am not wearing heels in these situations-I am just not THAT coordinated. Did I mention my beloved sister in law Amber (who needs to get on fb already) accompanied me to Coyote Ugly for my birthday to do just that? I am not ashamed.

4. In high school I got a sultry peck from Jamie Walters, the "How Do I Talk to an Angel" guy that dated Kelly on 90210...heehee...sure I am one random girl on a long unsophisticated list. On second thought, it was just a kiss-who am I kidding? I am not on any list... I am not bragging here...:0)

5. On my last day of high school Barry Bonds decided to whack me in the forehead with a foul ball. LOVELY! If you have met me, you know that A-Of course I didn't have a glove and B-Catching it would have not been an option if I had-so why bother with A. I have awards banquet pictures where my eye is purple to match my dress to prove it. Tried to tone it down with purple shadow like it was intentional...but it is an eyeshadow brush, not a wand.

6. I will not share milk products or anything with pulp. Not even with Chris (my husband), or the kiddos...I will share-but then I pull a Becky Shrepple and say "Oh just keep it." And I don't like to sit down right after someone else gets up. Butt Warmth is creepy.

7. As if I need to S-P-E-L-L it out...did I mention I have a touch of OCD (informally diagnosed of course)...kind of like having a tiny bit of a deadly virus...:0). Mostly I have weird idiosyncrasies and phobias-I don't wash my hair fifty times a day, or make my kids change into clean clothes in the closet when they get home...I just have a million lip glosses, need to have doors and cabinets shut when not in use and have an odd fixation with the number seven and its' multiples...(blushing-it's okay I know it's weird).

8. I know all the words (or 92.95%) to atleast fivemusicals: Grease, Rent , Cabaret, Evita and Chicago and about 70% of five or so more. LOVE musicals! Saw Producers on Broadway...(of course Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane were on sabbatical as my "luck" would have it). However the charming Steven Weber from Wings and now Brothers and Sisters was in it-and I met him...he is lovely.

9. I have an autographed picture of Harry Connick Junior because I mailed a cheesy poem to his fan club...this was YEARS ago, but don't let it kid you-I'd do it again tomorrow.

10. I LOVE red.

11. I ADORE New York City.

12. I am determined to make a pilgrimage to Graceland before I die.

13. Coca-Cola is my beverage of choice...or Cherry Coke. Please don't offer me Pepsi-it could get ugly. My RIGHT to choose and I get hostile when I don't have options.:0)

14. I get emotionally involved in Broncos football-even though I don't get to watch it much these days and we have season tickets. Was teary for days when Mike Shanahan got booted. Boo!

15. I have had a stuffed dog named Toto since my mom received him at my baby shower. I don't sleep with him (anymore), but just can't give him up...

16. "Man can not live on bread alone" but I COULD live on chips and salsa.

17. I am gloriously non-domestic...just how I am wired.

18. I would love to travel more. In the United States and abroad. Greece, Italy and Spain top my list...although I am currently making no real efforts to get to any of them.

19. If I watch a show loyally, it is likely to be cancelled. Here is my shout out to October Road and What About Brian...whoop whoop

20. I am ridiculously loyal. This does not just apply to friends and family...but to the New Kids on the Block, Harry Connick Junior, 90210 and anything and anyone else I have devoted any real time to.

21. I talk to strangers. Candy or no..

22. I too sing random songs throughout the day and put my kids names in them.

23. I have two published poems and was written up in a optometry book for being one of the earliest cases to be treated with contact lenses...I was two...impressive, I know (;0) )

24. I can't find my way out of a paper bag...but I can find any item in my delightedly disorganized home.

25. I am distracted by shiny things...like Edward Cullen..and jewelry...who am I kidding? blinking lights, glitter...

Your turn. Shoot!

What I Have Learned So Far

A few years have passed and we are all grownups (kind of) and have a few life experiences chalked up. I thought we could share things that we have learned up to this point. Have a bit of fun with it-no need to be too serious. You know, BALANCE-that thing we are all striving for...in our free time.

So here it goes, it is not quite as much as I would have hoped-but this is what I have learned so far.

1. I have learned that the older we get, the crazier we all become. You don’t get to this point without a little bit of mental and emotional baggage. If you have made it unscathed, you may not be doing it right and you probably didn't go to high school. That whole “nothing ventured, nothing gained” bit. There is a line in RENT I like where two young lovers meet and Roger tries to use his “baggage” as an excuse as to why he and Mimi should not be together. Her response is “Life’s too short babe, time is flyin’, I’m lookin’ for baggage that goes with mine.”
One more thought on this one. I strongly believe that the “normal” ones are to be feared.-or at least handled with extreme caution. Life is often unkind. We all should be watchful of those who have deeply repressed the tiny cuts and bruises that living incurs-buried those unpleasant feelings way down inside their souls. Those emotional fractures that heal when dealt with as they come, will fester and rot when ignored and denied. One day, someone is going to cut them off in traffic or look at them the wrong way in the line at Chipotle and they are going to erupt. Then all their emotional infection is going to bubble over the surface. You don’t want to be there when that happens.
2. That high school never ends. Those Bowling for Soup kids have a valid point. Although the combined scent of leather and Polo just don’t have the same effect on me that they once did. Oh- and I don’t spend nearly as much on hairspray. Scratch that, spend MORE on hairspray-just don’t go through a can a week… consider this as my effort to make it up to the Ozone.
3. I have learned and please don’t hold your breath-this is not at all original…that we are all flawed. Wait! There’s more. I read somewhere this theory that everyone you will come across will have three serious flaws. (I have more than three, but let’s go with that for now)…Your job is to decide when choosing those you allow to stand closest to you in your life. What three flaws you can live with-every day, forever and ever, amen. Keep in mind, that they must do the same. This only applies to the selection of your spouse and your friends. We all know that we don’t choose our family. They are entitled to our love by birthright and by the same right we are born into theirs. Bubblegum for thought, anyway…
4. I have learned that a little bit of imagination can turn an error into an opportunity; a problem into a solution, a flaw into character, restlessness into rediscovery, confusion into mystery, frustration into inspiration, infuriation (yeah I said infuriation-look it up. On second thought don’t) into intrigue. Imagination can transform a failure to an experience, clothes into an outfit and me into a Domestic Goddess. No sorry, not even imagination can successfully paint that picture! Got imagination? If not, do yourself (your friends, family, coworkers, spouse and especially your children) a favor and beg, borrow or steal some
5. I have learned that brevity is not my strong suit. If you are looking for a friend to keep it simple and give you a single, concise, black and white answer-don’t stop here. If however, you want to stay up all night pouring your heart out over some Cabernet and Counting Crows-I’m your girl. I can’t even do bulleted points properly. At those key moments when few words are best-I just shut my mouth tightly and shake my head yes. It is honestly easier for me to walk away than to bite my tongue.
6. I have learned that parenthood magnifies every single one of my insecurities and shortcomings. Think this is because every word and deed COUNTS when you are a parent. My children are the most precious earthly gifts I have ever received and I keep praying God doesn’t realize how unworthy I am of them.
7. I learned that “Handsome IS as Handsome DOES.” My mom has always said this and it is not a great saying-but the meaning is good. Think of all the pretty outside-ugly inside people you have come across in your life. True beauty comes from inside and never fades. That is a beauty I aspire to.
8. I have learned that laughing at oneself is a valuable asset and something I wish that I was better at.
9. I have learned firsthand that the most helpless feeling on earth is watching your child struggle. At those moments I am reminded of the power and comfort of prayer.
10. I learned the value of first kisses and first dances. First betrayals and first heartbreaks are all necessary so there can be first steps, first smiles and first words. If it had not been for all the goodbyes-we wouldn’t recognize forever when it walked in…or something.
11. I have learned that girls are often mean and hold grudges…but we feel deeper, laugh harder and give more. Not a terrible trade off.
12. I have learned that next to God our complexities are all vain pretense. That said. I have learned that my flair for the dramatic is both entertaining and exhausting to my friends and family and that although I am emotionally and intellectually needy-I despise these aspects of my character and refuse to ask for help.
13. I have learned that I need to be a better listener and a better student of life.
14. I have learned that God is much more capable than Scott Baio when it comes to being in charge of me. Sorry-it had to be done.
15. That I have control issues. Issues giving up control, taking control, maintaining control- you name it.
16. I learned that I have a hard time living in the moment. I look forward to things and then when they arrive, I dread their being over…don’t really get that part of myself. I guess I always want what I can’t have, even when I have it. That makes great sense! Admit it! heehee Makes no sense at all.
17. I have learned that “happily ever after” only refers to heaven because as human beings we are predisposed to messing things up with our insatiability.
18. I have learned that I care too much what people think and hate that I do.
19. I have learned that I am not as smart as I think I am, but I am not as dumb as I think I am either.
20. I have learned that nature and nurture are so closely related that sometimes you can’t tell them apart. In the end though, we are responsible for our own actions.
21. I have learned that my inherited family loves me as much as my birth family and may know me better.
22. I have learned that I allow for things in others that I do not permit in myself and vice versa.
23. I have learned that attending a New Kids concert today, is like being sprinkled with pixie dust and entering the gates of Never land. Don’t ask me to explain it-it defies logic…guess we have that in common;0).
24. I have learned that the Golden Rule pretty much never fails…along with the rest of it of course.
25. I have learned that considering the time I have spent here thus far, I haven’t learned nearly enough.

Share your lessons with me.

Over the Rainbow

The Wizard of Oz

I have adored this movie since I was five or so. Complex in its simplistic disguise, it is so much more poignant to me in adulthood. Judy Garland is so gloriously and prophetically tragic.

This was the first color movie and can you possibly imagine the reaction of the audience? Living life in color, watching it in sepia tones and then Dorothy exits her house after crashing down in Oz and she opens the door, entering a whole new world (literally and metaphorically). Opening the farmhouse door to pure magic with its kaleidoscope of colors? Must have been like Christmas! In life experience too, how often do we collide with our situation, only to awaken to suddenly see “reality” in all of its techno-color glory?

Are you familiar with the Heroes Journey? I suppose it would be classified as a literary process. Anyway...in our life’s journey, each of us is on the yellow brick road. We are running away, having adventures, overcoming obstacles, fulfilling dreams, learning valuable skills and lessons and discovering we are stronger than we thought we were. Perhaps the most valuable acquisition is the people that fulfill us,that ease the struggles and enhance our journey and we, better theirs. Eventually we return to the home we have been so desperately seeking. The return home of course, is physical, spiritual and intellectual (all out prodigal son style and magnitude). Then for further exploration, is the revelation that Dorothy had within herself the ability to get home all along. Had it not been for her friends and her all encompassing journey, she would never have found her way. Dorothy would never have developed and practiced the balance of courage, thoughtfulness and heart and come to fruition. Not to mention all the cursed apple throwing trees, flying monkeys and wicked witches we have to battle along the way.

I want Over the Rainbow played at my funeral. Eternally relevant as well as temporally. You may have noticed that my ruby slippers are not often planted on the yellow brick road. My mind is usually cozied up somewhere over the rainbow. More lovely there. Heehee . Speaking of ruby slippers I am going to get some. Possibly plant some poppies. I am fearful however, that the fantasy will die with the flowers.

Color Me Crabby

I am not sure that I have ever been so happy to see Saturday, as I am today. Hello Handsome- Would you like to come in for a drink? Teehee... Ah! The sun is shining, I have limited obligations and...I am the least crabby I have been all week.

Let me touch on that. I have been less than joyful for a week or two now. It could be that I have been caught up in a web of emails, phone call and complaints. I really DO love my job and am thankful to have it, but the transitions have my head spinning. It could be that the uncharacteristic sunny February weather has poisoned me with an unquenchable thirst for Spring because the snow will return, with a vengeance and I need to be prepared. Maybe it's that Shmoops has been especially uncommunicative and we had a tiff over which shelf my FRIENDS box set should be placed on...seriously, this somehow seemed worthy of five minutes of "conversation"- The longest communication we have shared all week. OR perhaps it is that I have been feeling lonely.

Do you know that hopeless, inexplicable kind of alone you feel when you are in a room full of people you love? Isolation of the mind can be devastating if left unchecked. I have decided personally it is because my heart governs my head...so if my Head...the nearly imperceptible voice of reason is silenced-I may very well be COMPLETELY and utterly hopeless. On top of that, when I feel isolated and misunderstood, unattended or maybe just unappreciated-I am convinced that I have no one to talk to about it that could possibly understand. Although there may is a degree of truth to that. The topic of isolation and emotional abandonment may be a bit deep for the sweet minds of a three and five year old. Can you imagine? Let's not-it would never happen.

Unfortunately, I am a selectively social being and am currently frozen in a position where I am not free to cultivate adult relationships.Of course my husband and I are friends...but we are also roommates. Neither of us is easy to live with. This truth causes strain on the "sharing" area of the relationship regularly. We share what we think often, but rarely what we feel.

My kids are just getting to the age where they are doing organized activities, but we don't have any real bonds there yet.Sounds like I am searching for friendship under rocks-I am new at this. I have never really struggled in the friend department. I of course have friendships- from the past (BC-before children), but they are check-in friends...(they are as busy as I am with their own families and jobs)not everyday friends. Then the one Everyday Friend I have- at any given time has as much on her plates as I do, or more...so there is no need to torture her with with my emotional cutting. I work from home-which again I adore, but that means no office friendships...which I had a lot of when I had an office. Friends that I played with. Often...

When I am not working I am thrilled to dedicate my energies to my family. Seemingly when either of the two facets (home/work) of my simply complicated life get overly challenging or out of balance...I feel a little lost. OOOhhh...and even though I am a little needy at the moment, I detest feeling needy. A Big Girl Pride Thing.- a self preservation/defense mechanism thing..vicious, hateful cycle! I try to BE a friend...so I can HAVE more friends...but once I have made the effort on my end to "be a friend"-I throw in the towel if not immediately reciprocated. Maybe if I had less dignity or was less selective-I could have more friends. That is not worth the sacrifice to me. Friendship is a two sided game.

Well there it is! The source of my crabbiness. Way to clear it up for myself!..just no solution in site.

Sorry for the self indulgent post...This too shall pass. For now I will pretend to be That Girl...smile, bounce my hair, twinkle and shake it off...Fake it til you make it. Or something. Feel it til' you heal it? That makes no sense. Whatever...

Maybe Saturday will buy it. I AM oh so happy to see him:0)

Can I cuddle with a Day of the Week? Think he would hold me "without an ounce of selfishness?" from The Waitress...Doubtful- being that Saturday is of the male persuasion...heehee

How sad I am!-In the pathetic kind of way. The worst way.

At least I can admit it.

Although that it is of little consolation.Hee Hee...boo hoo-hee-boo...hee?

February 24, 2009

My Hair Affair

Today I found a Harry Connick Junior cd I had forgotten about...better than dark chocolate!

So I am working (on spreadsheets...) and making calls and spending a bit of time with Oh So Dreamy Boy-and my mind wanders...just a bit, as creative (because that sounds better than flighty) minds are prone to do. So I am thinking about Harry Connick Junior and how he has famously great hair (except when he cuts it shaggy because he decides to recreate himself as a boy from my senior class. Perhaps I can bore you with that another time...oh and explore the possibility of a federal mandate that would require him and any other man of my choosing to wear mob-style suspenders) Focus! Oh right, my Harry has Definitive Crooner ,Leader of the Band Hair...and sometimes wears suspenders...on those days I feed him treats-with my teeth. Okay, stopping now...

Naturally, I then reminisce about all the frivolous crushes I have had throughout my lifetime (not to be confused with my love for Harry- that's the real deal...we are going on eighteen years or so. Heehee.)Let me begin with those of the celebrity persuasion. Gradually, a coif commonality is identified. Elvis-Fifties Rock Star Hair, James Dean-Fifties Bad Boy Hair, Danny Zuko-More Fifties Bad Boy Hair, Michael Jackson (Thriller days)-Curly Tenril Hair, Eric Estrada- Cop Helmet Hair, Jamie Walters-haha Fifties Bad Boy Hair -although it was the early nineties. Luke Perry-more Fifties Bad Boy hair,Jason Priestly-Indulgent Nineties Big Man Hair/Fifties Jock Boy Hair,Johnny Depp (Chocolat Pirate Hair and *blush* 21 Jump Street Hair) Bill Bouillion- Beach Volleyball Boy Hair, Jordan Knight (Slick Boy Band Hair. In fact the New Kids redefined Boy Band Hair-Jordan just did it best) , Patrick Dempsey-McDreamy, Scream 3, Will and Grace Hair not Can't Buy Me Love Hair (that was...kinda like a chocolate poodle) , John Mayer (Sulky Grungy Musician Hair), Edward Cullen (More James Dean Hair-which he chopped. But it will be back, oh yes...it will be back! So glad it is not up to him.) Each object of my shameless, school girl celebrity crushes is in manly possession of serious hair flair. Career making hair...empire building hair...swooning and crooning hair...heart breaker hair...Independently, I have noticed each of their locks...but never made the group connection. I have had a secret hair obsession...me and obsessions. Go figure!

This leads to my thinking through my real live boyfriends and flirtations of the past...A virtual cornucopia of hair fascination.
Shannon-toddlerhood-shaggy sandy hair,straight up nursery school style.
Shayne kindergarten-blonde waivy hair-think Ricky Schroeder
Roman-third grade-raven hair-tail. Right-I said tail...and it went all the way down his back-like a skunk tail. Clear why that was so alluring...heeheehee
Steen- white blonde hair-fifth and sixth grade. I remember when he discovered product. Happy day!;0) Oh and he came to my costume/birthday party dressed as Billy Idol..Yay him!
Seventh grade-Tim, sandy beach hair that fell in his eyes and a toothpaste commercial smile..we used to chat it up between classes...I had plans, but was distracted by a muscley freshman.
ninth grade/tenth grade=David...dark curly hair that I used to loosen into big waves in the back...just for fun.
Heath- straggly devil may care hair...I know because the day I visited his school with my bf...we ditched and I tousled it while we smooched all day leaning against an alley wall. Very West Side Story...7
...Eleventh grade-Steve...rebel boy hair(not my boyfriend-but he has to make the hair list).
Brook-muscle jock boy boy hair...another interesting story that will I will spare you for now.
Bob-Sport caster hair...oh and he was an absolute giant-Like Anthony Robbins.
Mark-Kurt Cobain hair.
The list goes on-until I get to Shmoops...he has always had hair attitude...has been Emilio Estevez-esque and more recently Rascal Flatt-ish...trying to get him to go...short, chic and tufty. I am a suckor for burns though...not the huge lamb chop style or dagger ones.

Hair Affair...aptly named? Shake your head "yes" here.

Using my extensive Psychology background that I have mentioned previously, (i.e. Freshman year of college, back row) I tried to find some deeper reason for my hidden hair addiction-get to the root (more hair humor)...Certainly this attraction is not an outward manifestation of my personal hair obsession. My own hair is nothing but another accessory to me...it has been really long, fairly short, curly, straight...highlighted, lowlighted...every feasible color of the rainbow...let's not get crazy-er! You name it. My hair is subject to my every whim. Nothing exceptional about it...Not sure where the hair affinity came from. Not even reserved for the opposite sex. I am obsessed with 90's Supermodel hair. I think I am going to grow mine back out and try to bring back big glam hair. ... Btw courtesy of my sister's stylist Jody...my adopted hair philosophy is that once a woman reaches her late twenties...if she is not an exotic dancer or a cheerleader...her hair should not exceed the middle of her back. Beyond that, I miss bombshell hair...Claudia, Cindy, Elle...the list goes on... Hair Fascination may not be all that odd, I mean America is obsessed with Julia Robert's hair...so I guess I am not the only freaky deak in the house. Coiffure, fluff, fringe, mane, mop, tress, shocks, sideburns, shaggy....HAIR!!!... To be clear, facial or head...body hair should be sparing.

Cool hair...apparently yet ANOTHER obsession of mine. Guess I will just continue to go with the flow...Get it? Flowing locks...sorry, that was bad. I am aware-couldn't help myself.

Regardless, there is no denying it...I go all mushy over a great head of hair and it took me um..twenty nine years (wink, wink), to figure it out. Doesn't change anything, I suppose. In fact it explains a lot. The long and the short of it...(pun intended) is subconsciously, I have had a life long affair with hair. (Although bald is beautiful on Vin Diesel, Taye Diggs, Tyson Beckford and Bruce Willis...shout out-whoop, whoop!)

Who knew? Now I do and so do you...sorry about that.

Felt the need to share. Share how much I care about hair flair...okay time to say goodnight! Goodnight.

Be good to your hair...apparently it is hugely important.

February 13, 2009

I Love "U"

I Love” U”!

This is totally lost in translation. No graphics. Boo! So I will add in the play by play.

In an effort to celebrate V-D (Valentine’s Day)…and all things lovey and lovely - AND out of love for one of my fav blogs …”Clever Girl Goes Blog” I am going to participate in Tia’s love by letter challenge. She very graciously assigned me the letter “u” hahaha…thank you Tia!
So here is the task at hand…to list ten things that you love that start with your assigned letter. In my case, the letter (as mentioned above) is “u”
1. Undies. Love, love the matching, pretty, girly, lacy sets…I have to admit though that with two fairly young children-I am lucky to find a bra and panties and clothes that match in time to get my son to preschool. …forget finding the matching set and then making sure it doesn’t show through whatever I have chosen from the Clean Pile to put on. Still- I make an effort to go all out in the lacy thing department every now and again…(which is me-ish for not THAT often). Also believe this is really more for me than my husband. He has only a brief appreciation of it- lingerie makes me feel sexy all day. Sadly, this is not me pictured below…but a girl can dream. Right? In my case, to BE her (atleast in body)-not be WITH her…teehee.

Imagine VS Angel here.

2. United States of America. I am a Patriot (ess?) at heart. YES times are tough. OF COURSE they are tough EVERYWHERE-not just HERE. As a Country, we are often short-sided but we are also optimistic and generous and thankful to live where we live. What a beautiful place to be! Not only geographically, but where we are all free to agree and/or disagree openly-and not have to worry that we will be taken to jail in the night, or fear that our views will put our family’s safety in jeoprady. We still need to work on our behavior/reputation abroad a…but some of that is fulfilling preexisting expectations. Oh! And that debt thingy…
Anyway, God Bless Us-and Everyone around the Globe-but all that doesn’t begin with “u”.

American Flag pic.

3. Unicorns. Who doesn’t love a good unicorn? This is a bit of a stretch, but I like mythical creatures. Zeus, Venus, fairies and Edward Cullen (I mean…vampires)…Magic is well, it’s MAGICAL. I love that faith in the unseen world of childhood that begins to fade as we become mature and realistic. Pfft…realism is over-rated. I choose pixie dust and mermaids and unicorns…

Mythological red and black unicorn here.

4. Ugly Pretty. This is sort of like couture pretty…the whole high fashion thing. I probably got this term from ANTM…In my opinion, Ugly Pretty is the humanity in beauty. The character and intelligence…depth of beauty. The mole above the lip, the small scar against the chiseled chin, the lines in the statue David, the Mona Lisa smirk…the crack in the Grecian vase, . You get the hint. Ugly Pretty is the interesting version of perfection-Lovely’s sister, Sexy.

Juicy Couture perfume ad here.

5. Understanding. Pretty straightforward. We all like to be or feel understood…we also like to feel as if we understand both intellectually and emotionally the people and situations we encounter along our journey. “What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding?…:”0).
"No law or ordinance is mightier than understanding." Plato

Painting of Plato.

6. Uniforms. For me this is exclusive to Men in Uniform. Cliché’? Yes. But for good reason. Military dress uniforms are best-so heroic!…Don’t hate baseball uniforms either, or mobsters in tuxes…heehee. Funny though, a man in a McDonald’s uniform does not leave the same impression…

Richard Gere from 'An Officer and a Gentleman"

7. Upgrades. I am techno-impaired…but upgrades are good right? Improved functionality is usually a plus. Although I can’t help but think of ROBOTS, “Why be you, when you can be new”…slogan…Balance is key to healthy upgrading in technology and in life…fine line between being fashionable and fickle.

I-Phone picture, BMW and ROBOT cartoon character...

8. Undiscovered. Life is all about discovery. So whether it be a delicious dive in a non-trendy part of the city or a new love. Seeking out that perfect shade of lip gloss or revealing a hidden talent you never knew you possessed,…Uncovering a fierce pair of shoes hidden away on the sale rack, or discovering the crumpled up twenty that you left in your winter coat. The new truth you learned, even if it was obtained the hard way. What about the best book you fell upon because its’ title captured your interest? Perhaps it is that out of the way break in the meadow where the sun illuminates your Vampire like a diamond-encrusted chandelier (sorry, couldn’t resist)…Anyway, the possibilities are endless. Why do you think so many people watch American Idol, Top Chef and Antique Road show? The road of discovery is kind of like “the hunt”…you know? Or something…kinda’, sorta’ like that and it all begins with the UNDISCOVERED. Otherwise the game is no fun.

Sparkley vampire. Of course!

9. Unique. Mostly I like to hope/think that I am unique. In a precious-memorable way, not a freaky ”Thank the Lord there is no one else like you” –kind of way..Or maybe a mix of the two. Really though, how unique can we REALLY be? Only one of me and only one you…but the human condition has most of us chasing our tails…or working out on the hamster wheel. “Nothing new under the sun” and all… Anyway…uniqueness is an aspiration of mine…but I don’t work too hard at it. Think it is supposed to be effortless-teehee. Challenge nonetheless to stand apart.

Whitworth Miller (different colored eyes), crown jewels and beach castle photos. Atticus Finch.

10. Ultra-glamorous. This one I definitely am not-though I make my feeble attempts. I do greatly admire it in others …not sure I know any real life people who I would consider ultra-glamorous. Young Hollywood has lost most of its’ mystique and with that-it’s glamour. Old Hollywood though…WOW! Ultra glamour was its very essence. Here are a few of my favorites.

Audrey, Jackie, Carey Grant, Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Sopia Loren...

Shwew! I did it.

“U” words that didn’t make the list? Uggs, Umbros, U-2 and Umbrellas…Want a letter?

I hope you enjoyed it. This was my best shot! Sorry for the drab non technicolor version!

May have to revisit with "ultimate" and "unforgetable"...

February 1, 2009

New in Town- A Harry Situation

New in Town-A Harry (hairy-get it?) SituationShare
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New in Town ...review-with a few little detours.

I am going to start this out by filling you all in on my years of holding a groupie school girl flame for Harry Connick Junior. If you have been living under a sad Harry-free little rock...Harry Connick Junior is an amazing musician. He is a crooner/band leader- but does his own musical arrangements and is from New Orleans and so logically, he is a jazz pianist as well. He did the soundtrack from When Harry Met Sally, as well as numerous big band and solo cds. He also acts. He has been in a bunch of stuff: Little Man Tate, Memphis Belle, Hope Floats, The Serial Killer Movie I can't Currently Recall the Name of...(Copycat-thanks Imbd!), Independence Day, My Dog Skip, P.S. I Love You, and more. Most recently people know him from his role as Leo on Will and Grace. He also starred on broadway in a sold out run of "The Pajama Game" ( a musical starring Harry! Would have been a highlight in life-but I allowed the lack of available tickets to stand in my way). He is ultra charming, boyishly good looking, goofy- funny and crazy talented. Because of all these brilliant qualities, I try not to miss anything he does. New in Town was no exception.

New in Town stars Harry Connick Junior and Renée Zellweger (sure she needs no introduction-JIC-Chicago, Bridget Jones, Jerry McGuire, etc). Anyway, Renee plays Lucy Hill, an aspiring CEO from Miami who is sent (by default) to New Ulm Minnesota to do some restructuring of a plant there. She takes the move as an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder. Predictably, she is the big city girl who all the small town people detest because she represents Big Business and all its' unfavorable characteristics (i.e. greed, monopolization, etc). Needless to say, there are numerous adjustments to be made. She must run all the major changes she has been sent to make by the conveniently widowed, overly-protective single father and Union Rep, Ted Mitchell (dreamily portrayed by Harry Connick Junior). She insults and later argues with him over a meatloaf dinner on her first day in town before she realizes that he is the Union Rep-this initial meeting helps form some of the "conflict" that later occurs in the film..

So- I am going to stop here...don't want to give the movie away. This movie is not poorly acted. It is however, trite and unremarkable. If you (like me) have to see it NOW due to your unbreakable one-sided commitment to Harry-do so...If not-wait and get it from Red Box for a dollar. Because while there are some funny moments: red underwear antenna, "sexy man-outloud" part , "I didn't realize He (Jesus) was missing) ", a ultra-chic Burberry trench, and a heart warming Christmas carolling scene that brought a tiny tear-the leads don't have believable chemistry (he is WAY too cute for her) the laughs are not that funny and the tempo seems off. Something about it seems half cooked, like the aftermath of whatever attempts I make at cooking dinner.

Facial Hair Harry is nice though. They tried, unsuccessfully to make him small towny and ordinary...but his laughing eyes, winning smile and irrepressible charm make this an impossibility. HE is also a fire man in the movie...Need I say more? (N0, no I don't)

What goes without saying-is that I will continue to be the first in line for whatever Harry does. The only error he made with regards to New in Town is that of poor judgement (choosing an underdeveloped script with poorly developed characters).

Of course I am willing to personally deal with the Union on this matter;0).