December 29, 2008

Finding My Motivation

Not sure if it is the end of the year hum drums, or what...but as I mentioned in my last blog...having a difficult time finding motivation to do ANYTHING. Even to get off the couch to make myself a cup of coffee aka-Hot Steamy Liquid Ambition...or HSLA for short. Sad state of affairs...

Have Two Little Munchkins and as it is the holiday season, their social calendar (preschool, play dates and nanny) is all clear, so sitting on the couch all day and watching all the one name female hosted talk know, Tyra, Ellen, Oprah... (which I have not devoted any real time to since bebe' number two) is not an options...teehee...Not that I would do that anyway. In a Do Nothing of My Choice World...I would read Twilight (because I decided to relive my middle school years and cave to the peer pressure) and polish off disc 2, season 1 of Army Wives that I have had on loan from Netflix for a month, maybe two. Sorry if it is on your queue and it is out...expect it by...shalll we say February?

Did I mention I have a full time job and lots of calls to make today?...Booo...

Anyway...hoping to kick the funk. However...feeling a bit paralyzed by the messier than usual state of my home that I have no interest in cleaning...and the fact that my husband...we shall call him...Shmoops (because that is all that I can come up with in my lump-ish state) is in an Argumentative Slump. Today he wanted to know why I put a picture(that apparently he did not recognize as being the one that hung on our bedroom wall for the last year until...last night when I decided to change it) in his closet...How long does he have to know me to know that my actions are very rarely supported by an actual plan...teehee. I put it in there because I removed it from the wall and he had available space...Why else? Hardly seemed worthy of an inquisition...especially before I had consumed a single drop of the afore mentioned HSLA...aka-Liquid Patience...

Alas...(that's right, I can't make a cup of coffee- but I can channel my inner-Billy Shakespeare. He loves it when I call him that..)the end of these unfascinating, uncolorful doldrums is not in sight...

Perhaps my shortsightedness is to FINALLY earn its keep...Here's hoping...

December 27, 2008

Christmas Hang over

So I love Christmas as much as the next girl. And I have Little Ones, so that makes it THAT much better. I thought I got excited! The shopping, the sparkly decorations, the twinkle lights, the pretty packages, the magic, the cheesy-yet lovely music (my Christmas music library is ridiculous ranging from the Rat Pack to Kenny Chesney...), the family and friends, the magic...and the shopping...(I may have to look into retail rehab).

Anyway-there is so much anticipation for me at Christmas time...mostly in buying all the gifts and being literally "like a kid on Christmas" waiting to see all the happy after our SIX Christmases (Vince Vaughn got off easy) and the toys are assembled...the front room looks like it was massacred by gift gremlins...I always feel a bit hung over. Meaning that while it all is very rewarding, it is a bit sad when it all has to come to an end. The last couple days I have felt excessively mopey and blue. I couldn't even muster the energy to participate in the sale mecca of day after Christmas shopping. Not to mention that I have not a single space for anything. I didn't even set up the new I Phone I got (and am absolutely thrilled about!)

By the way it was an utter surprise and I wept because I was touched mostly by the surprise of his surprise...and a little bit because I felt like a creep. My Husband has been known to do this little thing where he is very adamant and "Man in Charge-ish" about a budget for one anther's Christmas gifts.Then I fall for it and he goes all out...buying me jewelry (something else not in the budget)... or anything else that will make me tear up. This is endearing and romantic (he is pretty good at the grand gestures) but I have this short term memory and go by the Budget Rule and then feel like a She-Grinch when he gets Jelly Bellies and Season Three of Always Sunny, a horror movie and some random stocking stuffers...and I get an I-Phone...ooohhhh and Pretty Woman Anniversary Edition (only had on vhs) and Season 4 of Grey's from the kids...Not bad, right? It IS better to give, than to receive -without a doubt. Honestly though, can't say I hate receiving...affection,thoughtful gifts,lip gloss, compliments (so long as sincere)...all good things to receive

Anyway got to get over my post Christmas Hang Over and figure out what the Bebe's and I are going to wear to the New Year's Eve Wedding Reception we have to attend...More shopping and twinkly lights...hmmm...just may be what the Store Whore ordered.

December 12, 2008

Red Wine, Roller Derby and Dancing on the Bar. Did I mention Chocolate cake?

So...I had a birthday about a week ago. And I am at the age where I am not sure if I should celebrate birthdays anymore.

However I AM "A"- Spoiled and "B"- Born the Baby in my family...(are those REALLY separate items?) Anyway...I am not sure I will ever stop celebrating MY BIRTHDAY for my own sake...I mean someone has to, right? That whole "You teach people how to treat you" Doctor Phil ( or Doctor Feel-that allusion killed with the Sesame Street crowd) -ism. I do not consider myself the most vivacious girl. I do not take a lot of bungee jumping...driving at high speeds...tonguing strangers. I do (unfortunately for my lack of budgeting abilities) get a bit crazy shopping at times...but that is not exactly off the charts- out of control. So this year-I planned my own "party".

Two days before, my husband sweetly did the obligatory dinner, movie and drinks...and that was very nice too. I DO OF COURSE appreciate his efforts...But I work from home, have little rug rats and don't out out much...As i mentioned before, I like to have a good time (by my own definition of course)-so I invited what few friends I currently have to join me...Really about the Going OUT- the birthday thing merely gave me an excuse.

Party is in quotations above, as it wasn't exactly a bash...but I DID have FUN! First we went to see Roller Derby...and although it was my second time and I do not get all of the is fun and fairly easy to follow...and AWESOME people watching. We THEN went out for dinner and more cocktails and then three of us went on to Coyote Ugly. I have only been in Vegas and had a good time. Knew this one would not truly compete...but a Girl Has to Dance on the Bar Every Now and Again...right? My Sister in Law was sweet enough to be my Partner in Crime and my husband stood by as if he was waiting for that cough test men rant about so often. (How bad could it REALLY have been? Young girls, small clothes...body shots...? THOSE things much more fascinating to him of course. Never will understand how every new set of boobies is like seeing them for the first time). Truly the only bad thing about the night for me was that I lost the new MAC holiday lip palette that my Babies gave me for my birthday...booo! Out of my OCD will HAVE to replace so long as they are still in stock. Blah, blah, blah...

Anyway-"To celebrate, not to celebrate birthday debate" ...think the CELEBRATES have it...each one may be the last...may as well live it up anyway you see fit. Within reason of course...

So Happy Birthday to Me!

December 4, 2008

Snow Sweet Snow

Today is Thursday. I have always loved Thursday because it is filled with the optimism and promise of the weekend. Beyond that,I live in a cold weather state. The best kind- where the sun comes out most days and melts it away so that we can have a fresh dusting. The glittery pure blanket covers the trees and brings the mountains to life. Come March-however...when we are on our fifth month of snow, it loses some of its loveliness. I choose to be short sided and glass half full-ish now-because in THIS moment it is ABSOLUTELY enchanted.

The snow has come to us later than usual this year. Typically our first snow comes to us in late October-often Halloween...So costumes are tainted by turtlenecks, Ugg boots and winter coats. Hated that as a child-still do! Planning a costume is hard work and a North Face coat is not the finishing touch most of us have in mind. Oh and the spring snows (the ones I am not thinking about) make Easter a challenge. You try wearing a sleeveless dress and strappy sandals while hunting Easter eggs in the snow! Teehe..Those that dream of snow dream of a White Christmas, like in the cheesy movies of which I partake. We often have a dry cold Christmas and soggy Easter...teehee..Such is life!

Anyway! I do RELISH the snow-especially when I can be curled up in front of a good movie, favorite book, or even my computer... Depending what time of the day a steaming cup of java with flavored creamer and Splenda or a glass of Pinot are amongst my favorite winter month companions...

My Babies-NATURALLY want to go out in it. I pacify them enduring the cold every other day or so. Sunday- we built a little snow girl that we had to literally CONSTRUCT. For those of you who do not know snow-there are different types. The wet heavy type is ideal for snow forts and snow people bad on the roads. The light flaky picturesque kind-while breath taking as it dances to the earth-is nearly useless for anything but viewing and maybe boarding or skiing...neither of which I do, so I can't be sure-easy to drive in and only slows down the snow driving newbies to ten miles an hour...haha!

Regardless-The snow has arrived! Snow always brings with it cold weather delights...Fluffy sweaters...Tall boots, long colorful scarves and HATS! Love hats-own more than I wear because whenever I go to wear one-my hair turns out...Again one of those "such is life" things...Starbucks winter coffees, Bath and Body Works Christmas scents-yummy Twisted Peppermint!(Which they removed the glitter from-hooray! not as pretty in the bottle. I greatly appreciate it though because I love the scent, but am not fourteen or a cheerleader/ time to lay off the body glitter.) Christmas time means concocting all the homemade favorites I had as a child. Think I will ACTUALLY do that this year. Time to start building family traditions as the Bebes are getting old enough to partake and appreciate them. This Christmas season promises to be a DELIGHTFUL one.

So-Welcome Snow Sweet Snow!

...still blocking out the prior knowledge I have ascertained of May snow. Teehee! Guess all relationships bring both ecstasy and detest...otherwise our hearts aren't in them...Right?