August 31, 2008

In Between

Today is my very first post. Wow! I feel like such a big girl!
The last thing I created is now potty training and trying to give up her nap...that is a little sad considering that I am SUPPOSED to be a creative person

Anyway, I didn't start a blog because I have anything particularly important or interesting to say...but because I see it as an outlet. An intellectual, emotional, spiritual outpouring....a chance to feel heard out and understood. Even if it is all pretense. So this little blog is my VOICE...even if it is drab, whiney, catty, or tends to go on and on...about things that noone cares about but me.

This keyboard is my sounding board, my listening outlet...and sad and pathetic as it is... therapeutic. To get it all out. So, there it is.

Here's to a long, beautiful and one sided friendship...haha. Aren't ALL friendships/relationships a bit once sided? If not, I have been sorely cheated and misguided.